3 Steps to Filing a Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim – Download our Free eBook!

Residents of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR who have been in a motorcycle accident can find the information they need about motorcycle accident personal injury claims in our new eBook!

This eBook helps motorcycle accident victims ascertain whether or not they qualify for a motorcycle accident insurance claim. Also, we explain how injured motorcyclists who work with a portland motorcycle accident lawyer have a far better chance of success than those who choose to file their claim on their own. In the end, they also tend to receive a greater amount of compensation, even when attorneys fees have been paid.

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Download the eBook for more information about motorcycle accident insurance claims, and learn more about these three steps that we recommend victims to take following a motorcycle accident. Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

Step 1: Determine Whether You Qualify for an Insurance Claim →

In this chapter we help victims assess their situation, including the level of injuries, who was at-fault in the accident, what insurance is available, whether or not an accident report has been filed, and whether or not a settlement has already been given. This chapter will help you understand whether or not a motorcycle accident attorney will be able to help you in your efforts to obtain compensation for your medical treatment and other losses.

Step 2: Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney →

Because many individuals have misconceptions about motorcycle accident personal injury attorneys, this chapter helps to allay fears, such as those regarding attorneys fees, and demonstrates that motorcycle accident attorneys actually increase the chances of reaching a settlement. Additionally, those who work with an experienced personal injury attorney will find that their settlement amount increase dramatically thanks to the expertise and knowledge of their attorneys.

Step 3: Focus on your Recovery and Healing Process →

It’s important for the injured individual to focus on their healing process and leave the tedious process of filing and processing their claim to their capable motorcycle accident attorney. Being free of stress and able to relax will enhance your progress toward recovery, and knowing that your case is in the skilled hands of an attorney will be a huge relief along the way.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident in Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR, then it is important that you research your options. Download our eBook byclicking here or the image above to learn more.

If you still have questions, we’d love to talk to you. Call our office or fill out a contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation with one of our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys. Or, if you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident contact us at pedestrian accident vancouver.

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